May 2012

Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Showers & T-Storms Expected This Week

Another beautiful day here in Baltimore, while signs of Tropical Storm Alberto move up the coast.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Tropical Storm Alberto Could Bring Rain To Md. In Next 2 Days

We have our first named tropical system of the year!


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Wet Weather To Dry Out By The End Of The Week

Happy Mother’s Day! After a beautiful first half of the day, the approaching storm became obvious in the late afternoon. First the clouds came in, then rain and thunderstorms spread into western Maryland – all the way over to Carroll County.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: A Warm Sunday But Showers Expected Early Next Week

What a spectacular Saturday – weather-wise, and otherwise. This has got to be a Top 10 day. We topped out at 70 degrees with wall-to-wall sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Rain Showers Expected This Week

That easterly wind got us again Sunday.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: More Showers On The Way Before Temps Take A Tumble

We have been stuck in this messy weather pattern all week. There is some really warm, muggy air to our south that we have occasionally tapped into.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Messy Weather Pattern Continues

There is some really warm air off to our south, while the jet stream/storm track is running just off to our north. We are stuck in between the two for the rest of the week, occasionally getting a little bit of both.