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WEATHER BLOG: Quiet Monday

We will be fairly quiet Monday, weather-wise. Our weather pattern will become more active as we head into the overnight hours.


Chelsea Ingram (Use This For Blogs)

WEATHER BLOG: Hot & Humid Tuesday

We will be hot and humid today with a mix of sun and clouds.



BLOG: Not Too Hot

High pressure has nosed itself down from the north, promoting a dry day across the region with some sunshine. As high pressure shifts eastward, the wind flow will turn more southwesterly tonight and tomorrow increasing the humidity ahead of the next storm system.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Cold Front Moving Through

A strong cold front is moving through the state right now. The combination of that front and the warm, muggy air over us has created a round of severe thunderstorms.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Warm Weather Continues

The warm weather continues, and so do the thunderstorms – at least for now. A round of strong and severe thunderstorms are moving through the state this evening.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Spring Starts Sunday

Spring doesn’t officially start until tomorrow evening, but what a stretch of it we have had the last few days.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Spring Forward

The storm that brought all the flooding rain earlier this week is finally gone. Yes, the main low that was driving the whole thing hung back over the Great Lakes this weekend.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Weather Ups And Downs

The weather ups and downs continue, and today we are on the upside. Spring is in the air – at least for today. Sunshine and a southwesterly wind has warmed us up to low 60s this afternoon.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: The Arctic Has Unloaded

We started out the day at 12 degrees and only went up to 25 degrees this afternoon. We are dropping right back into the teens and single digits overnight.



BLOG: Happy New Year!

 And a warm start to the New Year it has been.  We went all the way up to 59 degrees this afternoon!  Even at 10 p.m. tonight, we were still at 55 degrees.  We may […]