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BLOG: Mild, But Still Cold

A rather weak short wave moving through the Northeast has produced plenty of clouds across the region Thursday morning.



BLOG: Warm December

Mild and moist air continues to surge northward across the mid-Atlantic region Thursday morning as a warm front continues to press northward into southeastern Canada.


Port Of Baltimore

Program Aims To Replace Old Trucks Serving Ports

A program aimed at cleaning up the air in the mid-Atlantic region is encouraging short-haul truck operators serving ports in the region to trade in clunkers for newer vehicles.


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Mid-Atlantic Breaks, Match Heat Records

The mid-Atlantic region endured another sweltering day, breaking temperature records and tying one set more than 135 years ago.


Tim Williams

BLOG: Rain On The Way

A low pressure system, now located in eastern Canada, has been dragging a cool front across interior parts of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states during the night. That front will be pulling away from the coast early today.


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Snowstorm Shuts Off Power For Many Marylanders

The Mid-Atlantic region’s largest snowfall so far this season has left hundreds of thousands of customers without power.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: The Snow Is Gone

One round of snow is gone, but another could be on the way. One thing’s for certain…the cold air is locked in for a while.