Northeast Region Embraces Mild Temperatures After Recent Storm

The first week of March saw a drastic contrast in weather. From the mid-Atlantic to New England, rain, snow and winds caused many areas to react.


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U.S. To Get A Reprieve From Hot Temperatures

Americans this week will get a reprieve from the stifling heat that has blanketed much of the country as temperatures begin approaching normal from the Midwest to the East Coast.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: A Dose Of Winter Is Headed Our Way

Yes, it is spring but a dose of winter is moving our way. There was a lot of sunshine today, but it did little to warm us up. We only topped out at 46 degrees. That is way below the average which is now up to 57 degrees.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Hang On, We Are Going For A Weather Ride!

Each day is a completely different weather story right now. We go from near record warmth to damaging winds to snow. Yes, I just said (or wrote) snow, and it’s coming our way.