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Md. Senate President Mike Miller Expects Ethics Recommendations Next Week

Maryland Sen. President Thomas V. Mike Miller says he expects an ethics panel to make recommendations regarding a former senator’s failure to disclose work he did for a grocery store chain no later than next week.


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O’Malley Discusses Shift Of Pension Costs In Md.

Gov. Martin O’Malley has decided to shift some teacher pension costs to Maryland counties, the president of the Maryland Senate said Tuesday, describing it as coupling the state’s second-highest-single-year funding level in school construction with a long-debated change in how the state pays teacher pension costs.


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O’Malley’s Remarks About Possible Sales Tax Increase Worry Business Owners

Controversial remarks by the governor on a radio show have some business owners on edge, worried they could see the sales tax go up once again.


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Presiding Officers Give Md. Legislative Forecast

The presiding officers of the Maryland General Assembly will be giving a forecast for the legislative session that starts next week.


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Cardinals Are Happy To Have Todd Heap

The stage of Heap’s career is no problem for The Cardinals

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O’Malley Creates 5-Member Redistricting Committee

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has created a committee to draft a legislative and congressional redistricting plan for the state.


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Senate President Talks About Alcohol Tax Speed Up

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Friday he would be open raising the alcohol tax at a faster pace than it would be under current legislation, but only if the money is used to address a structural imbalance in the state budget.


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Wineries May Soon Be Able To Direct Ship To Md. Consumers

The Maryland General Assembly is about to break tradition and allow wineries to ship directly to consumers.


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Md. Lawmakers To Discuss Ridding Death Penalty

This week the fight over the death penalty is back. Lawmakers will hear testimony on a bill to get rid of capital punishment in Maryland. Now there’s strong and surprising words on the controversial issue.


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Md. Senate Preps For History-Making Debate On Gay Marriage

Gearing up for a fight. A history-making debate is about to take place in the Maryland Senate over same-sex marriage.


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Some Md. Lawmakers Want Death Penalty Repealed

Maryland lawmakers are set to lock horns over the state’s death penalty.