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Giordano: I Didn’t Murder Robyn Gardner

A Maryland man makes a new appeal, claiming he didn’t murder his travel companion in Aruba.


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Md. Police: Missing Russian Woman’s Body Found

Authorities say the body of a Russian woman who disappeared in Maryland seven months ago has been found.



Witness In Aruba Sheds Light On Missing Md. Woman

A massive new search is underway for Robyn Gardner in Aruba, and an eyewitness account could shed light on her disappearance.


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Family Asks For Help In Missing Woman Cold Case

A 24-year-old Baltimore City woman disappeared and hasn’t been heard from for more than a year.



Lawyer Challenges Aruba Officials In Missing Md. Woman Case

If authorities don’t gather enough evidence to charge Gary Giordano– the only suspect in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance– an Aruban judge could release him on Monday.


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Md. Man Held In Aruba Had Troubled Past With Women

Court records and former romantic interests reveal Gary Giordano could by turns be charming and threatening.



FBI Intensifies Search For Md. Woman Missing In Aruba

Police in Aruba can only hold Gary Giordano for five more days. He remains the prime suspect as more clues come to light in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance.


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Missing Md. Woman Had Loud Tattoos But Mild Side

Robyn Gardner’s wild and rowdy tattoos belie the kind, quiet nature of a trusting woman who sought solace in a tropical getaway with a man who is now suspected in her disappearance, a close friend said.


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Missing Md. Woman Met Aruba Travel Partner Via Online Dating

Robyn Gardner vanished on a tropical island with a man she met online. Now authorities say they want to question him again.


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U.S. Man Held In Aruba After Md. Travel Partner Vanishes

The search continues for a missing Frederick woman in Aruba. Now a Maryland man is being held in the country for questioning.