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Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released From Jail Captured

Back in custody. Six days after corrections employees released a murder suspect by mistake, they’ve got their man back behind bars.



Drivers Off The Hook After Speed Camera Ticket Mistake

Several thousand drivers are off the hook after the city admits a big speed camera mistake.


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Women Are Twice As Likely To Hit The Gas By Mistake

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent study awards another point to the men’s team.


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Police Seek Accidentally Released Slaying Suspect

Prince George’s County police are asking the public’s help in finding a suspect in an Edmonston slaying they say was released after he was mistakenly granted bail.



Md. Fifth-Grader Finds Mistake In Dictionary

For most of us, the dictionary is the ultimate source for spelling and definition of words. An area fifth-grader challenged what he saw in the Merriam-Webster’s Children’s Dictionary, and guess what, he was right!