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Metro: Full Cell Phone Access Delayed Until 2015

Metro says it has fallen behind on its effort to expand cell phone service throughout the transit system and may not complete the project until 2015.


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Md. Gets Grant To Fight Cell Phone Use In Prisons

Maryland has received a federal grant to help fight cell phone use in prisons.


shake to shuffle app

3 Local Students Create ‘Shake To Shuffle’ Smart Phone App

Using a cell phone during class is usually discouraged, but not in one Anne Arundel County high school.



Mobile Phone Software Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Mobile phones can help us communicate, organize and navigate our lives. And now there’s proof they can even manage chronic illnesses.


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Federal Authorities To Use Emergency Warning Mobile Alerts

Federal authorities are planning to revolutionize how we get emergency warnings, and they’re using the technology most Americans keep with them every minute of every day.