5 Ravens Mock Draft Favorites For 1st Round PickWe've scoured the internet to see who the experts think the Ravens will take in with the 26th pick of the 1st round in the 2015 draft.
Glenn Younes: Draft GuessingI totally get the physiological reason people lust after "who the Ravens gonna draft at 17?" but the truth is the team doesn't know yet... There is ZERO way I'd know.
2012 NBA Mock Draft: First RoundThis 2012 NBA Mock Draft is more like a blueprint for what each team should do and not what they will do. Too many times, teams make the wrong decision based on the determination that a certain player has more talent than another or too much consideration is given towards long-term value versus short-term greatness.
NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens & AFC NorthFor all the talk about how the Ravens are getting old – and they are – they still came within one dropped pass of the Super Bowl last year. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if Baltimore comes that close again or goes even further, but if the Ravens are going to do it with Ray Lewis, it needs to be this year or next.

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