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Baltimore Sees First Murders Of 2015

Baltimore Police say the department recorded the city’s first murders of 2015 early Saturday.


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Baltimore County Touts Lowest Homicide Rate In Decades

Baltimore County officials tout some historically low homicide rates. Detectives also have been closing more cases recently than they have in years.



D.C. On Pace For Fewer Than 100 Homicides In 2012

The crack epidemic that began in the 1980s ushered in a wave of bloodletting in the nation’s capital and a death toll that ticked upward daily. Dead bodies, sometimes several in a night, had homicide detectives hustling between crime scenes and earned Washington unwelcome monikers such as the nation’s “murder capital.” At the time, some feared the murder rate might ascend to more frightening heights.


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Baltimore Has Lowest Murder Rate In 34 Years

Baltimore achieved something that hasn’t happened in 34 years: fewer than 200 murders. So has the city turned the corner on its violent past?


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Baltimore Sees Lowest Homicide Count Since 1978

Baltimore police say the city recorded 196 homicides in 2011.


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Baltimore May See Lowest Homicide Rate In 20 Years

The city of Baltimore is on track for a major milestone: the lowest homicide rate in 20 years! It’s a big accomplishment for law enforcement, who vowed to make city streets safer.


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Mother Pickets Md. Police Office Over 16 Slayings

The mother of a University of Maryland student killed during a string of homicides last month is picketing
with students outside the Prince George’s County police headquarters.