Baltimore-Area Teen Speaks Out On Behalf Of Muslim Community

Amara Majeed founded a website called “The Hijab Project,” aimed at combating discrimination against Muslim girls and women who wear head-scarves in public. She self-published a book of short biographies of 17 peace-loving, law-abiding Muslims from around the world. She provides online commentary for CNN and, starting earlier this month, for the Huffington Post.


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Push Continues To Add Muslim Holidays To School Calendars

Calendar controversy. Muslim leaders are pushing to have equal recognition for Muslim holidays on school calendars in both Howard and Frederick counties. The move follows a similar fight in Montgomery County.



Local Muslims React To ISIS

Even after President Barack Obama addressed the threat of ISIS, many wonder if it’s too little, too late. There’s growing frustrating from people who say the US isn’t doing enough to stop the powerful extremist group. Muslims in Maryland and a prominent Congressman are both calling for stronger action.


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Muslim Advocacy Launches Its Own Ad Campaign

A Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group says it’s erecting its own advertisements in Metro stations to combat ads that equate Muslim radicals with “savages.”


A burnt building inside the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya (Photo credit: STRINGER/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: Obama Needs To Stay At The White House During Middle East Protests

President Barack Obama needs to stay in Washington, D.C., suspend campaigning, and address the threats against Americans in the Middle East.


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Muslims Serve Those In Need On ‘Day Of Dignity’

American Muslims try to distance themselves from their violent counterparts overseas and serve others.



Local Muslims React To Bin Laden’s Death

In Maryland, local Muslims are celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death. They say he was not a Muslim, but a murderer.