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New Zealand


The 25 Best Beaches In The World

After months of polar vortexes it’s finally almost time to lay out in the sun and sand. To help get the ball rolling, we rounded up the 25 best beaches in the world.


Renee Douceur

South Pole Evacuee Seeks Medical Help At Hopkins

Back on American soil. A researcher working in the South Pole is in Baltimore getting the emergency help she needs.


Elizabeth Burdick

Md. Study Abroad Student Survives New Zealand Earthquake

An earthquake shatters New Zealand’s second largest city. And at the center of the rubble, was a college student from Annapolis. Despite the chaos–the aftershocks and cell phone blackouts– the 20-year-old made it out alive.


Josh Huber

Harford County Man Is Found Alive After New Zealand Earthquake

Dozens are dead and hundreds are still missing after a powerful earthquake hit New Zealand. A Harford County man was there when the powerful quake struck.



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