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Newseum Shows Front Pages Announcing Obama Victory

Many newspapers nationwide have a single-word headline on their front pages: Obama.


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Newseum Exhibit Features Historic Images Of 2011

The Newseum in Washington is opening a new exhibit of photographs and video taken by the journalists that cover the White House.


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Newseum Offers Free Summer Admission For Youth

The Newseum its waiving its admission fee for youth visitors ages 18 and under during the summer months.



New Media Earns Permanent Gallery At Newseum In D.C.

New media and the stories shaped by online culture and social networks now have a place in the Newseum, a Washington museum devoted to the history of news.



Campaign Laughs, History On View At Newseum In D.C.

Tina Fey’s red suit, flag pin and eyeglasses worn to channel her Sarah Palin parodies of the 2008 presidential race are going on view at the Newseum, along with items from journalists and candidates who made history in presidential politics.


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Newseum Shows Sports History Through Leifer Photos

The Newseum is opening a new show featuring sports photographer Neil Leifer and his images from some of the great moments in sports history.


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Civil War Newspapers Go On View At Newseum In D.C.

Historic newspapers from the North and the South showing how the Civil War unfolded are going on display at the Newseum in Washington.



Newseum In D.C. First To Show FBI Evidence From 9/11

Washington’s Newseum on Friday will put on public view for the first time artifacts from the Sept. 11 attacks and the FBI’s investigation of terrorism.


Town Hall Meeting

President Obama Holds Economic Town Hall Meeting

President Barack Obama spoke directly with the American people about the future of the U.S. economy.


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Newspapers See Big Demand From Bin Laden News

When big news breaks, newspapers are in demand despite the immediacy of online news.



Big Demand For Bin Laden News Crashes Newseum Site

When big news breaks, newspapers are still a hot commodity.