Supreme Court Seems Divided Over EPA Mercury LimitsThe Supreme Court's conservative justices cast doubt Wednesday on the Obama administration's first-ever regulations aimed at reducing power plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants.
Constellation Works To Restore Md. Nuclear UnitConstellation Energy Nuclear Group says crews are working to get Unit 1 of its Calvert Cliffs facility back up after it automatically went off-line during Hurricane Irene.
Constellation: Nuke Plants Operating After QuakeConstellation Energy says it activated the lowest of four emergency levels at its Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant following the East Coast quake, but the plant is still operating at 100 percent capacity.
Low Dose Radiation From Japanese Nuclear Crisis Found In MarylandRadiation from the crippled Japanese nuclear power plants has been found in Maryland.
For Md. Plant, Japan Reminder Of Potential PerilsGeorge Gellrich gets up at least once a night to check his computer. He could wait until the morning briefing at work, or even for the morning news shows. But he just can't. He needs to know: Was there another explosion at the crippled nuclear plant in Japan? Did they restore power to the pumps? Is there enough water in the spent fuel pool at Unit 4? Has the radioactive contamination grown worse?
Nearby Nuclear Plant Has Similar Design To Japan's PlantThe eyes of the world remain on the nuclear plant in Japan, crippled by the earthquake and tsunami.
Japan Disaster Prompts Concerns For Md. Nuclear SafetyThe unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan has raised concerns over how vulnerable Maryland would be in a similar disaster.
Constellation Says Calvert Cliffs Is SafeThe operator of two nuclear reactors in southern Maryland says the facility remains safe amid news of partial meltdowns at reactors in Japan triggered by an earthquake and tsunami.

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