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Frederick Eyes Camping Limits After Occupy

A recent experience with the Occupy movement is prompting Frederick officials to consider limiting camping on city land.


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Occupy D.C. Protesters Clash With Police As They Clear Tents; 6 Arrested

Occupy chaos. Mounted officers confront protesters in D.C., leading to a violent showdown.


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Occupy Baltimore Protesters Attend Mayor’s Budget Workshop

Nearly half the people at the mayor’s budget workshop were from Occupy Baltimore, there to be a part of citizen input.



Occupy Frederick Calls Attention To Foreclosures

Occupy Frederick members are trying to call attention to the local impact of the foreclosure crisis.



Occupy Baltimore Protesters Arrested Outside Proposed Juvenile Detention Center

Occupy Baltimore protesters arrested. Police take action as demonstrators try to take over the site of a proposed youth jail facility.


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Occupy Protesters Stop In Maryland On Their Way To D.C.

Walking to Washington. Hundreds of Occupy protesters made a stop in Maryland.


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Occupy Wall Street Protesters March Through Maryland

About two dozen members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement are walking through Maryland on their way to Washington, D.C. to deliver their message to Congress.


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Rawlings-Blake Won’t Say How City Will Deal With Occupy Protesters

The Occupy Wall Street movement causes chaos from Baltimore to the West Coast. In downtown Seattle, police used pepper spray to break up a rowdy protest, injuring an 84-year-old woman and a pregnant woman. It’s one of many violent confrontations around the country as protesters take over public parks and busy streets.


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Occupy Protesters Removed From Hopkins After Disrupting Karl Rove’s Speech

Occupy demonstrators caused a major disturbance at Johns Hopkins University Tuesday night.


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Police, Occupy D.C. Protesters Differ On Collision

District of Columbia police and Occupy DC protesters are offering conflicting accounts about a weekend incident in which a motorist struck three protesters near a downtown demonstration.


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City Puts More Restrictions On Occupy Baltimore Protesters

The city has placed more restrictions on the protesters occupying McKeldin Square downtown. Those in the Occupy movement are reacting with a shrug.