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Tighter Security Measures Go Into Effect At NFL Stadiums

There was plenty of action on football fields across the country Sunday. But before the games, NFL fans got their first hands-on experience with extra security measures.


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Stricter Security, Pat-Downs Of Fans To Take Effect At NFL Games

Under new, “enhanced” pat-down procedures, fans at stadiums across the country, including M&T Bank Stadium, will be searched from the ankles to the knees, as well as the waist up.


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Security Restrictions At Airports Loosened For Children 12 And Younger

In addition to the children not having to remove their shoes when they go through security, there are alternatives to the child having to be patted down.


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Travelers Weigh In On Airport Heightened Security

A full body scan or a full body pat down. If you are going to fly, you have to do it—but your pilot doesn’t. Now some passengers are launching protests.