Pat McDonough


Controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Could Make Its Way Into Md.

Could Maryland be the next state to have a controversial “stand your ground” law? A state delegate is proposing just that.


gun rally

Md. Groups Want To Overturn Gun Control Law

Gun control opponents gear up for a fight at the polls. A petition drive called Free State Petition may soon be up and running.


Dream Act

Dream Act Campaign Targets Black Voters

Dream Act supporters step up their campaign to gain voter approval of an immigrant tuition law.


Dream Act

Md.’s Dream Act Draws Support At National Immigration Convention

Maryland’s Dream Act gets the attention of a national convention taking place in downtown Baltimore.


pat mcdonough

Del. McDonough Challenges Baltimore Mayor’s Stance On Immigration

Baltimore’s mayor is taking fresh criticism for her stand on immigrants coming into the city.


Sen. Jim Brochin

Md. Sen. Jim Brochin Calls For Increased Security At Inner Harbor

Danger at the Inner Harbor. Another lawmaker calls for more police to patrol the hottest tourist spot in the city.


pat mcdonough

Del. McDonough Calls On Mayor Rawlings-Blake To Improve Baltimore City Safety Or Resign

There’s growing controversy in the debate over safety in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Now a Maryland lawmaker calls on the mayor to take action or resign.


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Protecting D.C. Wildlife Could Mean Dumping Rodents In Md.

Protecting Maryland from Washington, D.C. rats. A state delegate claims a District of Columbia law aimed at protecting wildlife leaves Maryland open to a host of unwanted critters.



President Obama Grants Form Of Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants In Baltimore

President Barack Obama orders immigration officials to stop deporting illegal immigrants in Baltimore.


in state tuition

Delegate To Discuss In-State Tuition Lawsuit

A Maryland lawmaker says the judge presiding over a lawsuit over in-state tuition for illegal immigrants should recuse himself from the case.


petition, MDpetitions

Voters Will Decide On In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

Voters will decide whether illegal immigrants can receive in-state tuition breaks in Maryland. There’s new reaction after opponents of the measure forced it onto the ballot.


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Opponents Of Immigrant Tuition Bill To Submit Petitions

Opponents of the Dream Act gathered last-minute signatures on a petition to put in-state tuition for undocumented students on the ballot next year.