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Julius Henson

Henson For Senate: Campaign Consultant Convicted In Robocall Case To Run For Office

The Maryland political consultant convicted in the infamous robocall case is planning a big comeback.


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Jury Finds Julius Henson Guilty Of Conspiracy For Leaving Off Authority Line In Robocall Case

A Baltimore jury convicts political consultant Julius Henson on one of the four charges brought against him in the Election Night robocall scandal.


julius henson

Henson Testifies In Election Robocall Trial

Campaign consultant Julius Henson is accused of using Election Day robocalls to suppress black voter turnout. Now he’s taking the stand in his own defense.


Former Ehrlich campaign aide Paul Schurick was found guilty in the robocall scandal.  Julius Henson, a consultant, will go to trial for his part in the robocalls in Feburary 2012.

Ehrlich Aide In Robocalls Case Gets 1 Month Of Home Detention, Community Service

A political aide to former Gov. Robert Ehrlich will serve one month in home detention for conspiring to use Election Day robocalls in what prosecutors cast as an effort to suppress black voter turnout.


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Defense Argues Robocall Case Is Unconstitutional

The First Amendment doesn’t protect fraud. That’s the ruling from a Baltimore judge against the man behind the controversial 2010 Election Night robocalls on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich.



Ehrlich Campaign Cash Paid For Schurick’s Defense

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. used $168,000 in leftover campaign funds to pay for defense attorneys in his aide Paul Schurick’s election fraud trial.



Political Scandals Impacting Md. Politics

The trial for one of the men behind the 2010 Election Night robocall ended in guilty verdicts. It’s the latest political scandal to make its way before a Maryland jury.



Jury Finds Schurick Guilty Of All Charges In Robocalls Case

Guilty and facing time in prison. Jurors convict former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s campaign manager.



Jury Begins Deliberations In Robocalls Case

A jury is deliberating in the trial against former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s campaign manager. The jury is being asked to decide whether Paul Schurick intentionally tried to suppress African-American voter turnout when he approved a 2010 election night robocall.



Schurick Testifies In His Own Defense At Robocall Trial

Taking the stand in his own defense, the man at the center of the election day robocall scandal says he didn’t break any laws by authorizing the calls.


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Ehrlich Defends Campaign Manager In Robocall Trial

Election Night robocall controversy. Former Gov. Bob Ehrlich takes the stand to defend a former top aide who prosecutors say tried to suppress the vote during Ehrlich’s rematch with Gov. Martin O’Malley.


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Woman Who Recorded Controversial Election Night Robocall Takes The Stand

The prosecution continues to build its case against one of the men who ran former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s campaign last year.