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Travis Thomas: Discipline Is The Ravens Achilles Heel

Is there any other team that could use some discipline more than our beloved Ravens?



New Law Provides Harsher Punishments For Home Invasions

Cracking down on violent home invasions. In recent months, Marylanders have been hurt and even killed by robbers breaking into their homes. Now the state is toughening up with a new law.


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Jake’s Law: House Votes To Increase Penalties For Drivers Texting While Driving

The negligence of texting while driving could carry stricter penalties as Jake’s Law moves through the General Assembly.



Fight To Decriminalize Marijuana Continues In Annapolis

State lawmakers aren’t only debating making marijuana available for medical reasons. Now they’re looking at lowering the penalties for getting high.


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Senate OKs Fine For Small Amounts Of Marijuana

The Maryland Senate has voted to eliminate potential jail time for people who possess less than 10 grams of marijuana.


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Steve Davis: NFL Bounties

I would love to tell you that I am surprised by the bounty system used by the Saints.


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Md. Bar Not Penalized After 4 Get Knifed

A Cumberland tavern is avoiding penalties in a violent incident that left four patrons with knife wounds.


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Md. Regulators: 911 Outages May Lead To Penalties

Maryland’s utility regulator says Verizon might have violated state law when it failed to notify emergency call centers about network problems that prevented thousands of 911 calls from going through.


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Stronger Penalties Added For Unreliable Utilities

Making your electricity more dependable. That’s the goal in Annapolis as lawmakers consider threatening fines against utility companies if they take too long to restore your power.