Police Arrest 2 Teens For Dog Fighting In Severn

A group of teenagers gathered in the woods to watch two dogs fight. It’s the latest example of the growing animal cruelty in Maryland.


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Animal Rights Activists Seek Tougher Cruelty Penalties

When a Siberian Husky was shot and killed at a Severn dog park by an off duty federal police officer, animal lovers were outraged. After the officer was convicted of misdemeanor charges, there was a call for stiffer penalties for animal abuse.



SPCA Teaches City Students About Animal Abuse

A cat and dog burned. Because of two high-profile animal abuse cases right here in Baltimore there’s a push to protect pets.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Twins To Be Retried In Burned Dog Case

Twin brothers accused of setting a dog on fire will be retried.


Phoenix, Retrial, Johnson twins

Animal Abuse Task Force Wants Retrial In Dog Burning Case

A mistrial has not put an end to the case of Phoenix the dog. There is a new effort to get justice for the pit bull.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Landmark Dog Abuse Case Ends In Mistrial

Supporters of Phoenix the dog will have to wait even longer for justice. She was set on fire and didn’t survive. Now, after a judge declared a mistrial in the case of two teenagers, many wonder what will be next.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Mistrial Declared In Dog Burning Case

Jurors deliberated for days but were not able to agree on whether two boys doused a dog in gasoline and set her on fire.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Deliberations Continue Monday Morning In Dog Burning Case

A voice for all abused animals in Baltimore. In just a few hours, jurors could decide the fate of two teens accused of setting a dog on fire.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Deliberations Resume Monday In Dog Burning Case

A dog killed after being set on fire in a Baltimore neighborhood. It’s a crime that’s turning into a test case for how the city handles animal abuse cases.



Deliberations To Continue: Twins Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire

A dog called Phoenix died five days after being set on fire. Prosecutors say two teenagers did it. Now their fate is in the hands of jurors.



Animal Abuse Trial Involving Pit Bull Continues

Every inch of the pit bull’s body was severely burned after being set on fire. Two teens say someone else committed that cruel act.



Animal Abuse Trial Affected By ‘Stop Snitching’ Culture

A setback Tuesday for prosecutors in the case of Phoenix, the dog burned alive in Baltimore.