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Gitmo Officer: Limits On Female Guards Puts Mission At Risk

The commander of a top-secret Guantanamo prison housing unit testified Wednesday that two court orders barring female guards from jobs requiring physical contact with certain Muslim detainees could jeopardize the safety of his operation by limiting his staffing options.


school arrest

Shocking Video: Howard County Parent Arrested At Education Forum

A Howard County man faces criminal charges after refusing to keep quiet at a state education forum.


Fewer Lies, Better Health?

People who make an effort to lie less report fewer health complaints, according to new research.


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Guerrero Takes Physical With Baltimore Orioles

Vladimir Guerrero arrived at the Baltimore Orioles’ spring training facility on Wednesday to take his physical.



Physical Therapist Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon of The Gordon Institute joins The Mark Viviano Show every Thursday to talk injuries.  Today he discussed the science behind baseball injuries as spring training gets ready to begin.