Pipe bomb

pipe bomb

Carroll County Man Finds Pipe Bomb In His Mailbox

Police are trying to track down the person behind a dangerous pipe bomb found in a Carroll County mailbox.



19-Year-Old Caught Carrying 2 Pipe Bombs In Duffel Bag

A 19-year-old Montgomery County man tells investigators he was inspired to build bombs by a video he saw on YouTube. Now, Kyle Druckemiller faces serious charges.



Authorities Render Fake Pipe Bomb Harmless

The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad has rendered a fake pipe bomb harmless.


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Charges Dropped In Potomac Pipe Bomb Case

Prosecutors in Montgomery County have dropped charges against a man arrested in connection with a pipe bomb that exploded outside a Potomac house.


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Inmate Who Mailed Powder To Ex-Judge Sentenced

An inmate who mailed a letter filled with powder to a former judge has been sentenced to five more years in prison.