Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous

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House & Senate Continue To Debate Dog Bite Bill

Maryland’s House and Senate remain at odds over a dog bite bill intended to neutralize a court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous.


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New Bill Could Overturn Pit Bull Ruling

There’s new hope for pit bull owners. A bill being proposed in the Maryland General Assembly could overrule a court ruling calling all pit bulls vicious dogs.


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Pit Bull Supporters Hopeful About Special Session

Animal advocates in Maryland may soon get another chance to fight a ruling that recently labeled pit bulls and pit mixes inherently dangerous.


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New Task Force Meets To Discuss Pit Bull Ruling

Dog lovers looking for a quick resolution to the court ruling that labels pit bulls inherently dangerous may have to wait longer than they hoped.


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Pit Bull Owners Defend Their Pets

Maryland’s highest court ruled that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. That decision caused some landlords to evict dog owners and adoptions to scale off.


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Animal Lovers Want Pit Bull Ruling Overturned

Animal lovers converged on Annapolis to try to influence a legislature trying to solve a budget problem.