Pit Bulls

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Pit Bull Lawsuit In Maryland Expands

The lawsuit over pit bull ownership in Maryland expands.


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Baltimore Housing Community Residents Seek Restraining Order To Keep Their Pit Bulls

Pit bull owners are taking their fight to keep their dogs and their homes to federal court.


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Pit Bull Owners Face Decision To Abandon Their Dogs Or Be Evicted From Their Homes

Shelters and pit bull owners say they’re now feeling the effects of a controversial ruling that labeled pit bulls as inherently dangerous.



Deputy Shoots Pit Bull After It Reportedly Attacked Child

A Harford County Sheriff’s deputy shot a pit bull after it reportedly attacked a child.


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Pit Bull Bite Liability Bill Fails In Special Session

A measure that Maryland lawmakers hoped would address liability concerns relating to a court ruling on dog bites by pit bulls has died in the recent special session on gambling.


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Animal Advocates Laud Senate Approval Of Bill Making All Dog Owners Liable For Attacks

A change is in the making for all Maryland dog owners. The state Senate has given preliminary approval of a new dog bite law.


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Maryland Senate Passes Bill Making All Dog Owners Liable For Attacks

The Maryland Senate has passed a version of the bill declaring pit bulls as an “inherently dangerous” breed. The new mandate makes all dog owners liable for attacks.


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Dog Owners Anticipate Special Session On Pit Bull Ruling

Adding a new casino will be the focus of a special session later this week in Annapolis but another issue could impact all Maryland dog owners.


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Pit Bull Supporters Hopeful About Special Session

Animal advocates in Maryland may soon get another chance to fight a ruling that recently labeled pit bulls and pit mixes inherently dangerous.


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Attorney General’s Office Weighs In On Pit Bull Ruling

A key development in Maryland’s controversial pit bull ruling that would allow landlords to evict people who own that breed: the Attorney General’s Office says while the ruling is being appealed, landlords don’t have that right.


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New Task Force Meets To Discuss Pit Bull Ruling

Dog lovers looking for a quick resolution to the court ruling that labels pit bulls inherently dangerous may have to wait longer than they hoped.



Pit Bull Attacks & Kills 9-Pound Poodle In Owings Mills

A toy poodle is killed by a pit bull in an Owings Mills townhouse community. The little dog’s owners are devastated. The attack refuels controversy over the pit bull breed and what some call a pattern of violence.