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Nobel Peace Prize Auctioned For $1.16M In Baltimore

A 1936 Nobel Peace Prize discovered at a South American pawn shop has been sold at auction in Baltimore for $1.16 million.


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Wacky Winter Weather Drops Demand, Raises Gas Prices

They’re going up again. Experts say wicked winter weather and a drop in demand are creating a perfect storm for a boost in gas prices.


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AAA: International Unrest Is A Factor In Gas Price Hike

Prices at the pump have taken a dramatic rise. If you haven’t filled up lately, you’ll see it soon.


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Price Of Ravens Tickets To Increase Next Season

Ravens fans–be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pockets to see a game next season.


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Price Is The #1 Car Repair Complaint: Find Out What’s #2

A new survey from Consumer Reports reveals this and more.



Dramatic Rise In Copper Thefts As Price Of Metal Skyrockets

A man loses his life in an explosion on the Eastern Shore. Police say he was probably trying to steal copper from a business. Authorities say it’s part of a recent wave of metal thefts.


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Sparrows Point’s New Owners In Court Over Price

The new owners of the Sparrows Point steel mill are being sued by its former owners who claim they are trying to knock the $125 million purchase price down to $1.9 million.


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Gas Prices Are Dropping In Maryland

If you’ve filled your tank in recent days, you’ve probably noticed something unusual. Gas prices in Maryland have been dropping.



Maryland’s Crabbing Season Opens Friday

Another sign that spring is here is the opening of Maryland’s crab season.



Wine Drinking May Become Easier, More Pricey In Md

Wine drinking in Maryland could become much easier — though not without a price.


Cheap Gas Prices

Find the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood.


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Pain At The Pump As Gas Prices Rise

If you drive, lately, you’ve had a surprise every time you pull up to the pumps.



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