Ravens/Jets Preview

Mike Florio of joined the Norris & Davis Show (Rob Long in for Steve today) to discuss The Ravens/Jets game and all things NFL.

105.7 The Fan–09/29/2011

(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

NFL Lockout Update

Is the NFL lockout coming to a close?

105.7 The Fan–06/10/2011


NFL Lockout Update, Owner’s Secret Meetings, Mike Florio of

Why would NFL Owners have a secret meeting if they didn’t have big plans.

105.7 The Fan–06/02/2011


NFL Coaches Side With Players, Matt Stover’s Legacy & More

Should Matt Stover be in the Hall of Fame?

105.7 The Fan–05/26/2011


NFL Lockout: Is Mediation Working? Are Owners At Fault? Will Players Cave?

Stop telling us how hard you’re working, DeMaurice, and GET A DEAL DONE!

105.7 The Fan–05/19/2011


Mike Florio Live

Should the Gov’t have gone after Barry Bonds?

105.7 The Fan–04/14/2011


Mike Florio Live On Norris & Davis Show

To lockout or not to lockout!

105.7 The Fan–03/03/2011


Mike Florio Live On Norris & Davis Show

Goodell will work for…a buck?

105.7 The Fan–01/27/2011


Mike Florio On The Norris And Davis Show

Mike Florio of checks in & discusses The Bret Favre situation, Ravens playoff picture and more.

105.7 The Fan–12/30/2010


Mike Florio Live On Norris & Davis Show

NFL Analyst Mike Florio of and NBC joins The Norris & Davis Show every Thursday at 8:05am. Today, he talked about ‘The Wall’…Ravens/Saints & more.

105.7 The Fan–12/16/2010