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Some Are Getting Drones For Christmas

Controversial electronic turned Christmas gift. The drone has been a hot topic dealing with its potential dangers for both commercial and recreational use.


No More campaign

NFL Players Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence In NEW PSAs

Ending domestic violence. In a new series of PSAs hitting the airwaves now, NFL players take a stand.


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‘No More’ PSA Campaigns To Stop Silence On Domestic Violence

A new PSA campaign launches called “No More.” It urges us to stop being bystanders in the domestic violence crisis.


yeardley love

Yeardley Love’s Mother Launches Campaign Against Dating Violence

A college student in her prime is strangled by her abusive boyfriend. Now, Yeardley Love’s family is working to make sure she didn’t die in vain.


prostate cancer screening

Doctors Debate Changes To Prostate Cancer Screenings

The same group that came out and said mammograms may not be necessary is now questioning a test used to diagnose prostate cancer. And at least one local doctor says, this is ridiculous.



Baltimore To Run PSA To Urge Parents To Keep Kids Off The Streets

Starting Thursday, a public service announcement will remind parents to keep a close eye on their kids.


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Md. 4th-Grader Shushes First Lady In TV Ad

A fourth-grader from Frederick gets to shush the First Lady in a new public-service announcement promoting Michelle Obama’s national fitness campaign, Let’s Move.