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Navy Lieutenant: Power Plant Mission Ruined My Health

A historic earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, causing a nuclear power meltdown. The U.S. Navy rushed in to help—but are those sailors now paying the price? Nearly 100 believe that mission ruined their health.



Low-Level Helicopter Flies Over Baltimore To Map Background Radiation

Mapping what none of us can see might just help spot a future terror attack with a radioactive weapon.


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Helicopter Over Baltimore To Monitor Radiation

Protecting Baltimore from a nuclear attack. Homeland Security officials will conduct tests this week that could save lives and they’ll be done from a helicopter flying extremely low over the city.


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D.C. Hospitals Vie For Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment

Two major hospitals in the District of Columbia are hoping to start offering an expensive, cutting-edge type of cancer treatment.


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Local Man Travels To Sweden For Stem Cell Cancer Treatment

One man journeys across the world to find a cure for his cancer.



Low Dose Radiation From Japanese Nuclear Crisis Found In Maryland

Radiation from the crippled Japanese nuclear power plants has been found in Maryland.


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Radiation From Japan Makes Its Way To Maryland

Some radiation from Japan has already made its way to the United States. State health officials confirm they’ve detected small levels of radiation right here in Maryland.


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Md. Agencies Find Little Or No Radiation

Maryland officials say they’ve found little or no evidence that radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor accident has made it to the state.



West Coast Scrambles To Find Potassium Iodide

The West Coast of the United States is some 5,000 miles away from the coast of Japan. Many residents want to know: Is it possible for the radiation to travel across the Pacific all the way to America?


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Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Seep Out Of Japanese Plant; Concerns Grow In U.S.

The United States is taking a closer look at radiation fears. Tokyo is seeing normal levels of radiation. Scientists say it does not pose a health threat, but it’s a different story closer to the plant.