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NFL Fining System…It’s A Joke

“The NFL is such a joke and they are caught up in their own shell game, they don’t even realize that they fine guy’s more for socks than they do for kicking…than they do for actual potential injury, and it’s outrageous.”

105.7 The Fan–01/24/2013

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Glenn’s Latest Rant: The Need For More Rice

In Glenn’ latest rant, he goes off about why the Ravens need to get the ball into the play makers hands more often. “The best player you gave 42 million dollars too, didn’t touch the ball in the 4th quarter!”

105.7 The Fan–12/05/2012

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How Do You Watch The Olympics?

How do you watch the Olympics? Is NBC handling their coverage correctly? Should stations like 105.7 The Fan talk about events as they happen live?

105.7 The Fan–07/31/2012

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Glenn Rants On The NFL Owners

After reading a text bashing Ed Reed hoping that he doesn’t play this season so he can’t collect his salary, Glenn loses it and spends the next ten minutes ranting about the power balance in the NFL.