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Frederick To Add Red-Light Cameras

The city of Frederick will soon add to its red-light camera program.


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Baltimore Suspends Red Light & Speed Camera Systems

Baltimore’s speed camera problem came to a screeching halt Tuesday night. The entire automated enforcement system has been shut down after even more ticket errors surfaced.


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Westminster Deactivating Most Red Light Cameras On Concerns They’re Causing Accidents

Westminster is putting a stop to most of their red light cameras. Police say they may have been causing more accidents than they were preventing.


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Westminster To Deactivate 2 Of 3 Red Light Cameras

Westminster Police will deactivate two of the remaining three red light cameras in the city, citing more crashes caused by rear-end collisions than by running red lights.


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Going Too Fast? Soon There May Be More Eyes On Baltimore Co. Roads

More speed cameras are on their way to Baltimore County if the County Council approves a new contract this week.


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Study Says Red Light Cameras Reduce Crashes, Save Lives

A five-year study seems to confirm that in areas with cameras, fatal red light crashes are down by 24 percent.