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Md. Redistricting Member Guilty Of Tax Evasion

A member of an advisory committee on legislative redistricting in Maryland has pleaded guilty to failing to pay employment taxes in connection with his ownership of a Maryland company, prompting the executive director of the Maryland Republican Party on Thursday to question the integrity of the state’s redistricting process.


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Residents & Lawmakers Discuss Redistricting

Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will be weighing public comments to a proposed legislative redistricting map for the Maryland General Assembly, but he isn’t expecting to make many changes.


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Md. Redistricting Lawsuit Hinges On Racial Numbers

As a three-judge panel heard arguments about whether Maryland’s redistricting map dilutes the African-American vote, one of those judges said Tuesday he doesn’t believe a case has been made to require a third black-majority congressional district.


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Panel Releases Legislative District Map

An advisory panel on redistricting for seats in the Maryland General Assembly released a proposed map on Friday that panel members say was designed to reflect an increase in the state’s minority population in the 2010 census.


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Hearing Set For Md. Redistricting Lawsuit

A hearing has been scheduled in federal court for a lawsuit against Maryland’s congressional redistricting map.


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3-Judge Panel Named To Hear Redistricting Lawsuit

The chief judge for the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has named a three-judge panel to hear a lawsuit against Maryland’s congressional redistricting map.


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Frederick Official Files Redistricting Lawsuit

A Frederick County commissioner has filed a lawsuit challenging Maryland’s redistricting map.



Black Voters Group Files Redistricting Lawsuit

A group representing black voters has filed a civil rights lawsuit in hopes of changing Maryland’s recently approved congressional map for the next 10 years.


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Md. Resident Files Lawsuit On Redistricting Map

A Maryland man has sued over Gov. Martin O’Malley’s congressional redistricting map.


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Md. Republicans Claim Congressional Redistricting Targets Their Seat

Governor O’Malley signed a new Maryland congressional district map into law, setting the stage for a fight over a congressional seat long held by a Western Maryland Republican.


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Garagiola Nears Announcement On Congressional Bid; Bartlett To Run For Re-Election

State Sen. Rob Garagiola says he’s getting close to announcing whether he will run for Congress.


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House OKs Congressional Redistricting Plan

Who can you vote for in 2012? You may have to look it up. Maryland’s new Congressional District map gets approval in the House of Delegates Wednesday after the Senate passed it Tuesday.