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Dave From Salisbury Is Not Happy With Refs

Dave called in unhappy with the refs performance in the Ravens match-up with the Bengals.

105.7 The Fan–10/28/2014

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NFL Refs Approve Deal, Ready For Sunday Games

NFL referees are ready to become unnoticed again, just as they prefer.


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Opinion: The NFL Is Ruining Its Own Brand With Cheap Replacement Refs

Want to know what a company looks like when it fires all its experienced workers and hires on cheap replacements? Watch last night’s embarrassment of a game between Green Bay and Seattle. But this is about more than just a game. This is about a trend in our national economy where trained professionals are cast aside for inferior workers.


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Albert Breer Of The NFL Network

The NFL Network’s Albert Breer joins Hayine & Zinno with Ken Weinman filling in for Bob. Breer discusses the Ravens 2012 season, the replacement refs and the other NFL headlines.

105.7 The Fan–08/23/2012

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

Mark Zinno: NFL Referees, You Are What You Wear

In the jungle of professional sports, the NFL is the lion and the referees are, well, the zebra!

105.7 The Fan–08/17/2012

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

NFL Owners, Pay The Refs!

With the recent news that the NFL wants to pay their officials less money than last season and their holdout not close to ending, Glenn Younes went into one of his world famous G-unit rants, telling the NFL how it should be done.

105.7 The Fan–08/16/2012

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Red Flags For NFL: Referees & Bounty Evidence

One of the most thankless jobs in sports: The NFL Official.  NFL Officials do more than just throw flags and walk off penalties.  They spot for concussions and do their best to ensure player safety.  […]

105.7 The Fan–05/10/2012

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NFL Executive Ray Anderson Talks Football

Vinny & Kenny bring in NFL Vice President of Operations Ray Anderson to talk about this year’s rule changes and more.