Ravens Vs. Brown PostgameBig play opportunities were the story in the Ravens 23-16 win over the Browns. The one that really was a game changer was the interception return for a touchdown by Cary Williams.
Glenn Younes: NFL - Predictably StupidI don't begrudge anyone success, power, money, choice but I do hate stupidity. I hate it because it's avoidable.
Ed Norris: Sooooo the Officials Don't Impact The Games?The owners are on the wrong side of this and they are destroying a great product, while basically flipping off the fans.
Former NFL DB With Thoughts On State Of Officiating
Ed Norris: Pollard Speaks Uphe has called out Roger Goodell for not addressing the disaster that is the replacement ref situation. I couldn't agree with him more.
Jeremy Conn: Replacement Refs Need To GoIt's not just about making bad calls, but it feels like they are almost never in the right position to make a correct call
Replacement Referees Affected The Outcome Of Ravens Game Against The EaglesDirty shots and penalties reigned supreme in a contest that turned into a circus. The league is choosing to ignore the issues and it may lead to dire consequences.
Replacement Refs & The NFLWhat to expect within the NFL in upcoming weeks.
Glenn Younes: Blame The NFL, Not Refs ...asking the replacement refs to call an NFL game is like asking a guy cooking burgers at the neighborhood block party to be Bobby Flay.
Steve Davis: NFL Replacement Refs Aren't Getting It DoneWith each passing game, you can see the issue with the refs.

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