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Metro Chief Says He Will Retire In Early 2015

Metro’s chief executive says he will step down from the transit agency next year.


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Metro: Date Of Silver Line Opening Coming Soon

Metro’s general manager says he hopes to announce this week the long-awaited start date for Silver Line service in northern Virginia.


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Metro’s $2.5B Budget Includes No Fare Increases

Metro is proposing a $2.5 billion budget that avoids fare hikes for the coming fiscal year.



Mikulski To Chair Metro Meeting To Discuss Safety

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski will chair a meeting of the national capital region congressional delegation with the management of Washington’s Metro transit system.


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Metro GM Warns Of Consequences If Funding Is Cut

Metro’s general manager says efforts to maintain and refurbish the transit system would take a big hit if Congress gives final approval to a $150 million cut in funding.


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Metro Says Richard Sarles Is New General Manager

Metro’s board of directors has named Richard Sarles as the new general manager and CEO of the agency.