Richard Vatz

Bob Ehrlich

Ehrlich Considers Running In 2016 Presidential Race

Another Marylander may have his hat in the presidential ring. Pat Warren reports on how former Governor Bob Ehrlich is testing the White House waters.



Marylanders Rate Gov. O’Malley’s Performance In Washington Post Poll

Marylanders speak out on what’s happening in Annapolis in a Washington Post poll rating Gov. Martin O’Malley’s performance.


gay marriage

New Poll Shows Growing Support For Marriage Equality In Md.

Maryland is a battleground state in the fight over same-sex marriage. Now the race is on to win voters before the issue goes on the ballot in November.


president obama same sex marriage

Marylanders Weigh In On The Impact Of Obama’s Support Of Marriage Equality

What’s the impact of President Barack Obama’s bold new stand in favor of same-sex marriage. People on both sides are speculating on how the president’s announcement could affect Maryland if the issue goes to voters in November.


mitt romney

Former Governor Ehrlich May Give Romney Boost In Primary

On Tuesday’s primary, Maryland may help give Mitt Romney what he says he is: the nominee most likely to challenge President Barack Obama.