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Md. Gas Tax Set To Go Up Less Than Half A Penny

Round two in the state gas tax hike. Starting Tuesday, the second phase of the gas tax goes into effect.


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Greet Baltimore’s Favorite Characters At Meet The Mascot Day

It only happens once a year, and Saturday is the day you’ll have a chance to meet some of Baltimore’s most famous characters. Back by popular demand, it’s Meet the Mascot Day.


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AAA: International Unrest Is A Factor In Gas Price Hike

Prices at the pump have taken a dramatic rise. If you haven’t filled up lately, you’ll see it soon.


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Eating Disorder Orthorexia On The Rise

This is the time of year when many people are getting in shape for summer. But do some go too far?


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Number Of Male Nurses Is On The Rise

The number of men entering the nursing field is rising.


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U.S. Traffic Fatalities Rise For First Time Since 2005

Traffic fatalities may no longer be on the decline.


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Fans Will Get Behind-The-Costume Access To Popular Baltimore Mascots

You see them in costume but rarely get a look at the people inside. They’re the mascots of Baltimore’s pro and college sports teams.


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Vehicle Dependability Is On The Rise

Cars built these days are built better than ever before.


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San Francisco Zoo To Make Good On Super Bowl Wager

The San Francisco Zoo is scheduled to make good on a Super Bowl wager with The Maryland Zoo.


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Maryland Makes ‘Zoo-Per Bowl’ Wager With San Francisco

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has made a friendly wager with the San Francisco Zoo on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII. The “Zoo-Per Bowl” bet hinges on animals that represent the teams in each city.



Smoking On The Rise In Youth Movies

Onscreen tobacco use increased by 34% per movie last year in films targeted at children and teens.


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Gas Prices Up In D.C. Region For Third Week In A Row

Motorists in the Mid-Atlantic region are seeing higher prices at the pump for the third week in a row.