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Still Bringing The Thrills: Behind The Scenes Of Raytheon’s Epcot Ride

Raytheon, a longtime supporter of education in science, technology, engineering and math, created Sum of All Thrills to show the real-life application of concepts such as angles, velocity and kinetic energy.


roller coaster

New Roller Coaster Coming To Maryland State Fair This Year

Just six days from now, the Maryland State Fair will open its gates in Timonium.


roller coaster

Baltimore Is U.S. Center For Roller Coaster Design

The image which appears when you think of a Disney, Universal Studios or Six Flags Amusement Park probably includes a roller coaster.


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China Getting Giant Roller Coaster Made In Md.

A Baltimore company says it’s building the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster for a shopping mall in China.


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Ocean City Has New Attractions, Including 6D Roller Coaster

Now that Memorial Day weekend is here, many people are hitting the road and heading to Ocean City. If you’re planning a trip there this summer, there are some new attractions worth checking out.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Ups & Downs Continue

The spring ups and downs continue. Yesterday was our big up, now we are on the way back down again. We did tie the record of 85 degrees yesterday afternoon. Then, a major cold front moved through early today.


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BLOG: March Roller Coaster

High pressure located over southeastern Canada is pushing some very chilly air into the mid-Atlantic region. You’ll notice it the minute you step outside early Thursday morning and pretty much throughout the entire day.