Baltimore Fire Dept. Sets New Social Media Guidelines For Its Employees After Scathing Criticism

The Baltimore City Fire Department says it does not want to silence critics but the firefighters’ union has serious concerns.


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Glenn Younes: NFL – Rules For The Kids

This is yet another move by the league to give the illusion of player safety along a focus on “the children”. I say give me a break.


pit bull

Fallout After Md. Rules Pit Bulls A Vicious Breed

Dog lovers are sounding off about a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that pit bulls are an inherently dangerous breed.


wind turbines

Garrett County Proposes Wind Turbine Setback

The Garrett County Commissioners are proposing rules to put distance between wind turbines and homes.


WJZ Contest Rules

Contest rules for WJZ contest.


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Md. GOP Delegates Protest Change To House Rules

Republicans in the House of Delegates say a change to the body’s rules will keep the minority party from debating critical issues.


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Spare Tires On The Endangered List Thanks To Fuel Economy Rules

According to AAA, spare tires could soon disappear altogether.


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Md. Officials Remind Hunters Of Waterfowl Rules

Maryland Natural Resources Police are reminding hunters about state and federal regulations on waterfowl hunting.


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BLOG: The NFL’s New Kickoff Rule

Out with the old, in with the new. The league is evolving and teams with good quarterbacks and better than solid offenses will survive.


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Baltimore County Council To Vote On Apartment Rules

The Baltimore County Council is expected to vote on an ordinance that would offer guidelines for add-on apartments.


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D.C. Regulators Adopt Rules To Fine Pepco For Outage

The D.C. Public Service Commission has adopted new performance standards for Pepco that could allow them to fine the utility up to $100,000 for each infraction.


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FAA Fires 2 Controllers, Issues New Flight Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration took new steps Wednesday to fix problems in the nation’s air traffic control system, firing two controllers for sleeping on the job and ordering a higher level of supervision over aircraft carrying the first lady or vice president.