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Salt From Recent Storms Now Making Its Way Into Waterways

A week ago, hundreds of trucks were being loaded with salt. When heavy snows came the next day, that salt hit the roads.


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CDC: US Children Consume Too Much Salt

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 90 percent of children in the U.S. aged 6 -18 have too much salt in their diet.


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Best French Fries In Baltimore

French fries may not be healthiest side on the menu, but if you’re eating out, you’re doing so to treat yourself. So relax, let go and enjoy the world’s favorite comfort food at some of these fine locations.


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State Highway Crews Ready For Another Blast Of Winter Weather

Maryland state highway crews are prepared for what is hopefully winter’s last gasp.


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Storm Aftermath: Road Salt Finds Its Way Into Md. Waterways

First comes snow, then comes salt. But unlike snow, that salt doesn’t go away.


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Winter Weather Puts State Highway Administration Over Budget

It’s been one winter blast after another this season and tens of millions in unexpected costs for the state. Maryland’s already spent twice its snow budget–and that’s bad news for taxpayers.



Many Dream Of Warmer Weather As Snow Falls In Md.

The snow plows and salt trucks are working hard as Maryland is hit with yet another winter storm.



Maryland Rings In 2014 With First Major Snowstorm Of The Year

The first major storm of the new year is underway, with more than 100 million Americans impacted. In Maryland, there is significant snowfall in some places, with snow emergency plans in effect in several counties.


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Sodium Studies Point To Overconsumption

The American Heart Association recently revealed its findings from new sodium studies.


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Spring Snow Takes Some Marylanders By Surprise

Our area was right on the freeze line of Monday’s storm. A few degrees either way was the difference between rain or snow.


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State Highway Administration Tells Drivers To Take Precautions Saturday

The Maryland State Highway Administration is asking drivers to take precautions in light of an anticipated snowstorm Saturday.


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The Best Household Cleaning Product: Salt

Salt is a great natural cleaner that is available in nearly every household.