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Officer William Torbit’s Family Still Waiting For Answers A Year After His Shooting

Fighting for justice. The family of a Baltimore police officer gunned down by his own fellow officers say they are still waiting for answers nearly a year later.



Messy Response Added To Chaos In Police Shooting

A board reviewing the shooting deaths of a police officer and another man as police broke up a fight outside a Baltimore nightclub has found that a lack of supervision and a disorganized response contributed to the chaotic situation.


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Families Of Officer, Civilian Fatally Shot At Nightclub Want Justice

There’s outrage and frustration by two families on opposite sides of a deadly police-involved shooting. Both want justice for their loved ones killed outside a Baltimore nightclub. Neither will get it in criminal court.



New Details Emerge On Select Lounge Shooting

City police release their lengthy investigative report on the incident that claimed the lives of Officer William Torbit Jr. and Sean Gamble.



Video Of Baltimore Police Shooting Released

New reaction to the explosive video of a city police officer being shot by fellow officers. Officer William Torbit’s sister watches the video for the first time here at WJZ.



No Charges In Undercover Officer’s Death At Select Lounge

Baltimore City Prosecutor Gregg Bernstein announced that no charges would be filed against the five city police officers who shot undercover officer William Torbit outside a nightclub in early January.


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Family Protests For Baltimore Man Killed In Club Shooting

Demanding justice. New outrage over a father killed by police gunfire outside a Baltimore nightclub. Now his family is furious because they still don’t know what went wrong.



Investigation Continues On Fatal Club Shooting

Two men were killed in a late-night shooting, one of them a city police officer. Calls for an independent investigation continue.


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Community Rallies For Answers After Fatal Club Shooting

A city police officer and a semi-pro football player die in a hail of gunfire outside a local club. All the bullets came from the police officers. Now the community is demanding answers.



Fallen Officer Honored By Family & Friends

A Baltimore City police officer shot and killed by his fellow officers amid a flurry of chaos outside a local nightclub.


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Officer Killed By Friendly Fire In Nightclub Shooting

It appears a Baltimore City police officer was shot by a fellow officer’s weapon. The shooting also left another man dead.


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2 Dead, Including Officer, After Nightclub Shooting

A police officer and another man died after shots erupted early Sunday outside a Baltimore nightclub where a fight broke out, leaving one other officer and three women wounded by gunfire, police said.