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WEATHER BLOG: Warm & Spotty

There is some patchy fog out there Friday morning, but satellite shows we should get out to a fairly sunny start with clouds building toward the afternoon.


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WEATHER BLOG: Showers Around The Region

We have a few residual showers and t-storms across the region right now, and we should be allowing for these the next couple of hours as a slow moving cold front is being held back by a weak wave of low pressure that has developed along it.


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WEATHER BLOG: Humid Air Approaching

The leading edge of some much warmer and more humid air is slowly advancing through the mid-Atlantic. The combination of any breaks of sunshine along with increasing dew points and temps could fire up an isolated shower or t-storm by the afternoon and evening so we will be keeping a very close eye on that.


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While all the news isn’t good, that doesn’t mean it is all bad, either.



WEATHER BLOG: Rain And Snow Showers

We need to mention spotty sprinkles or showers again Thursday afternoon. Otherwise short-term looks pretty much OK.


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WEATHER BLOG: Spotty Showers

There is a front passing through the state. It has drawn moisture up from the southern storm, and is bringing a few showers with it. So there will be spotty showers Wednesday into the first half of night before that front gets out of here. Even with the front and the clouds that it’s bringing, the mild air continues. We are going to top out in the low 50s, then close to 50 again Thursday and Friday. That’s still about 10 degrees above average.


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The front came and went overnight with a little snow across the northern tier of the state, and some rain showers farther south.


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WEATHER BLOG: Showers Overnight

After a day filled with sunshine and a high of 43 degrees, there is a little hiccup coming Saturday night before warmer air makes a run at the Mid-Atlantic.



WEATHER BLOG: Temps In The 70s Friday & Saturday; Sandy Gains Momentum

While there could be some breaks in the clouds early, there should be some fog developing once again late Thursday night. The ideas are still intact that high pressure Friday and on Saturday should bring no less than partial sunshine and unseasonably warm afternoons.


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WEATHER BLOG: Warm Weather On The Way

We topped out right at the average of 65 degrees this afternoon. It was just another beautiful, crisp, fall day. The high pressure that brought us this beautiful air mass will slowly drift down to our southeast.



Take 10-Minute Showers To Save Money

A 10-minute shower can use less water than a full bath.


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WEATHER BLOG: Chance Of Rain, Cooler Temps On Sunday And Monday

The stalled front which brought us several rounds of rain the last few days has temporarily been pushed off to the south of us. It has put us on the drier, cooler, northern side of the front.





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