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Perseid Meteor Shower Should Light Up Baltimore’s Sky

A rare sight unfolding in the sky Wednesday night! The Perseid meteor shower is at its peak Wednesday into Thursday and this time should be one of the clearest views in years. It’s going to look like it’s raining meteors.


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WEATHER BLOG: Ready For Summer

Ready for summer. It begins later this week but will feel like it Monday through mid-week with temps in the low to mid 90s.


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WEATHER BLOG: Clouds Clearing

Skies will be clearing shortly, and we should have a nice afternoon and a wonderful sunset.



Overnight Meteor Shower Could Be A Sparkling Light Show In The Sky

Scientists have long tracked meteor showers and know exactly when they’ll appear. But there’s something new Friday night.


Comet ISON

If The Sun Doesn’t Blast It, Comet ISON Will Soon Light Up The Sky

Soon, for weeks as a time, a large object is expected to light the night sky. it could be wonderful or a total bust.



Celebrating Earth Day From The Sky

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the Earth is the focus every day.



Flash In East Coast Sky Has Social Media Buzzing

Social media sites are buzzing with reports of a flash of light streaking across the sky along the East Coast.



Look To The Sky: Comet Visible To Marylanders

A comet that’s been putting on a show south of the equator is now visible where we are—but it’s not easy to see.


Landsat 8

Landsat 8 Captures Dramatic Details Of Earth

It was a successful launch into space but the mission is all about earth.



NASA To Launch 5 Rockets Quickly To Track Winds

Skywatchers along the East Coast may be able to see a NASA experiment that will launch a series of rockets to learn more about the little-understood jet stream winds that circle the Earth at the edge of space.


space station

Space Station Sightings Seen From Baltimore

If you saw a bright light early Monday morning moving quickly in the sky, you caught a glimpse of the International Space Station.