Smart Meters

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BGE Hopes To Increase Smart Meter Usage

BGE says a million customers have indoor meters that need to be changed to smart meters.


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Panel Sets Opt-Out Fees For Smart Meters

The Public Service Commission has set fees for Maryland’s utility customers who do not want smart meters installed in their homes or businesses.



D.C. Officials To Show Off New Taxicab Meters

District of Columbia officials will be showing off a new taxicab meter that allows riders to pay by credit card, among other features.


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Utility Customers Can Defer Smart Meters

The Maryland Public Service Commission says utility customers can defer installation of so-called smart meters until the panel issues a permanent order on whether customers can opt out of the meters entirely.


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BGE To Start Installing ‘Smart Meters’ In May

BGE is getting ready to put its smart grid program into action. The utility hopes modernizing its meters will end up saving customers money.