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New Program Hopes To Expand Solar Power

The sun may shine on all of us, but not all of us can use it to power our homes.


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Electric-Car Drivers Trading Gas For Solar Power

Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight.


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IKEA Expands Solar Power System In Perryville

IKEA has expanded its solar power system on top of its Perryville distribution center.


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2 Universities In D.C. Make Deal To Buy Solar Power

Two universities in the nation’s capital have agreed to a major energy deal to buy more than half their power from three new solar power farms that will be built in North Carolina, the schools announced Monday night.



Hovercraft Propels Former Patterson High Students To White House

Hours of brainstorming for a group of Baltimore City students end up with a trip to the White House this week. The invitation came because of a solar-powered science project.


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Solar Power Lights Up D.C. Communities

For many families, buying in bulk is generally reserved for toilet paper and cereal, but a District of Columbia community organization is hoping to expand that list to solar power.


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Great Green Inventions From The Past 10 Years

The popularity of the green movement seems to be growing and with so many people becoming involved, new inventions are consistently being developed to promote sustainable living. Learn about the latest inventions from the past decade that are helping to promote green living.


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Somerset Solar Farm Powering UMMS

A solar farm on the lower Eastern Shore will help power the University of Maryland Medical System.


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Solar Farm Will Be Largest In Maryland

The array of solar panels all facing south give the appearance of a shimmering lake. And by late December, the 300,000 solar panels, each roughly the size of a 46-inch flat screen television near the Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown off Roxbury Road, are expected to generate a peak of 20 megawatts of power per hour.


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Caroline County Schools To Get Solar Power System

Three solar power systems will help provide electricity for schools on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


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Solar-Powered Compactor In Downtown Annapolis

Solar-powered compactors have been installed in downtown Annapolis.


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Solar Powered Home Makes Every Day Earth Day For Carney Man

Earth Day is this weekend and many people take part in tree plantings and other environmentally friendly events.