Sony And Marvel Team Up For The Future Of Spider-ManSony and Marvel/Disney are finally bringing Spider-Man and the Avengers back together.
Marylanders Line Up To See 'The Interview'The show goes on. Despite threats, "The Interview" premieres in Maryland.
Baltimore-Area Theater Will Show 'The Interview'Sony announced Tuesday that certain theaters would show "The Interview" after all.
PR Specialist: Sony Cyberattack Threat To All Of HollywoodHollywood is on high alert as the Sony cyberattack by North Korea continues to reverberate worldwide.
It's All Fan And Games: The Future Of Used GamesWhen I say the current climate on used games needs to change, the $60 pricing model also has to change. The reason people buy used is because used is cheaper. Trading in older games also goes towards new purchases. However, receiving just $20 for trading in a game you just purchased new, is that really a good deal?
Unplugging Your Plasma TV Can Save MoneyPowering a plasma TV can jack up your BGE bill.
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