Space Shuttle Discovery


Space Shuttle Discovery Lands At New Museum Home

The final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery passed over Maryland and it stopped people in their tracks.


Discovery, space shuttle

Discovery Likely To Fly Over D.C. Area Next Week

Space shuttle Discovery is expected to fly over Washington’s landmarks next week on the back of a Boeing 747 and will also be visible from points in Maryland and Virginia.


Discovery, space shuttle

NASA Sends Jets Over D.C. Area Ahead Of Discovery

NASA is sending two T-38 training jets over the Washington area on test flights as the space agency prepares to deliver the recently retired space shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian this month.


Discovery, space shuttle

Discovery Launch Marks End Of Shuttle Era

Final journey. For the last time, space shuttle Discovery blasted off in to space Thursday. The mission marks the beginning of the end of the shuttle era.