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City Police Say Understaffing Is Behind Faulty Speed Camera Citations

Baltimore City’s top cop said not enough staffing is to blame for the number of inaccurate speed camera citations.


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D.C. Council Overrides Mayor On Speed Limits

Speed limits on some major commuter routes in the nation’s capital won’t be going up after all.


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D.C. Council Bill Would Slash Traffic Camera Fines

New legislation in the D.C. Council would reduce fines from automated speed cameras and running red lights could be lowered to $50.


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Baltimore County Speed Camera Vandalized

A speed camera in Baltimore County has been vandalized. Someone painted the camera near Loch Raven High School.


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More Than 3,000 To Get Baltimore Speeding Tickets Canceled & Issued Refunds

A lucky break for more than 3,000 people caught speeding in Baltimore City. Problems with a speed camera mean their tickets are invalid.



Drivers Off The Hook After Speed Camera Ticket Mistake

Several thousand drivers are off the hook after the city admits a big speed camera mistake.


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New Catonsville Speed Camera Set On Fire By Vandals

Early Friday morning, someone set fire to a recently installed speed camera in the 400 block of S. Rolling Road.


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Baltimore Co. Picks 2 New Speed Camera Sites

Baltimore County officials say new speed cameras will be installed near schools in Catonsville and Perry Hall.


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Speed Cameras Bringing In Cash For Prince George’s

Prince George’s County officials say the speed camera program is bringing in even more money than expected.


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Hagerstown Puts In First Speed Enforcement Camera

The city of Hagerstown has installed its first speed enforcement camera near an elementary school.


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Senators Reject Amendment To Speed Camera Bill

The Maryland Senate has narrowly rejected an amendment that would have altered when speed cameras can be used to ticket drivers in work zones.


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Neighbors Of Perry Hall Hit-And-Run Victim Demand Road Safety Improvements

Calls for justice and safety improvements. A group of residents in Perry Hall seeks answers in a hit-and-run accident that left their neighbor dead.