Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras

Baltimore County Speed Cameras Stopped From Going Online

Baltimore County’s plan to activate four new speed cameras on Thursday hit a speed bump.


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4 More Speed Cameras Go Online In Baltimore County

Baltimore County police are ready to activate more speed cameras near schools.


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Charles County To Get Speed Cameras

Speed cameras are coming to Charles County.


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New Speed Cameras Will Be Installed In Baltimore Co. School Zones

Five new speed cameras will be popping up in school zones around Baltimore County this week.


work zone speed camera

New Proposal May Set Limits For Speed Cameras

The state says they’re needed for safety. Turns out those work zone cameras are also good at making money—and a lot of it.


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Dozens More Speed Cameras Go Up In Prince George’s Co.

Prince George’s County officials have activated speed cameras at two dozen new locations near schools.


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Going Too Fast? Soon There May Be More Eyes On Baltimore Co. Roads

More speed cameras are on their way to Baltimore County if the County Council approves a new contract this week.


construction zone

AAA Study: Speed Cameras In Construction Zones Work

Speed cameras in construction zones work. That’s what a new AAA study discovered this week.


work zone speed camera

Baltimore County To Get Additional Work Zone Speed Cameras

If you drive on the beltway and have a lead foot you’ll want to pay attention. Another work zone speed camera is being added to the interstate.


I-695 work zone

SHA To Add Speed Camera At I-695 Inner Loop Work Zone

Beltway drivers, pay attention. Another work zone speed camera is being added to your daily commute.


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Speed Cameras Activated In Howard County School Zones

Speeders in Howard County, you better slow down. Speed cameras are now up and active in school zones.


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Speed Cameras Installed In Howard County School Zones

Speeders beware. Starting Monday, cameras are monitoring drivers in Howard County school zones.