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D.C. Council Bill Would Slash Traffic Camera Fines

New legislation in the D.C. Council would reduce fines from automated speed cameras and running red lights could be lowered to $50.



Amtrak To Run Test Trains At 165 MPH In Northeast

Amtrak is going to break the speed limit this week in the Northeast Corridor. The rail service announced Monday it will operate test trains overnight at 165 mph in four stretches from Maryland to Massachusetts.


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State Tropper Hit By Tractor Trailer Urges Drivers To Obey ‘Move Over’ Law

A Maryland state trooper hit by a tractor trailer is now asking drivers to obey the “move over” law.



Some Love The New ICC In Md., But Few Use It

Since opening last year, the Intercounty Connector has provided thousands of Maryland motorists with their first direct, congestion-free drive between Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.


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Baltimore Co. To Move Speed Cameras To New School Zones

The cameras issue $40 tickets to drivers caught exceeding the speed limit in school zones by more than 12 miles per hour.



Drivers & AAA Say Speed Cameras In College Park Are Inaccurate

Residents in College Park say they’re being ripped off by the city and its speed cameras.


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Maryland May Install More Speed Cameras

More speed cameras on Maryland roads could soon be a reality if one man gets his way.