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Baltimore City Expected To Replace Inaccurate Speed Cameras

Some of the city’s speed cameras are so out-of-date and prone to errors, they’ll be phased out with more sophisticated models replacing them. But the city won’t say at this point how many, when or how much it will cost.


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D.C. To More Than Double Traffic-Camera Network

The nation’s capital plans to add 134 traffic cameras next year to its already extensive network of devices that generate tickets for speeding and running red lights.


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D.C. To Raise Speed Limits On Major Commuter Routes

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray is raising the speed limits on several major commuter routes.


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Work Zone Speed Cameras Under Fire; Are They Accurate?

Those work zone speed cameras–designed to keep highway workers safe–have come under criticism from state auditors. The audit highlights a system that took months to work out the bugs.


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Audit: Less Than Half Of Work Zone Speeders Got Tickets

An audit of the Maryland State Highway Administration has found that citations were issued to less than half the drivers caught speeding in work zones during the first 9 months of the state’s work-zone speed camera program.


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City Council Members Call For Review Of Baltimore Speed Cameras

More problems for speed cameras in Baltimore City. Some council members are calling for an investigation. They’re concerned about mounting inaccuracies.


JFX, I-83

Drivers Are Learning To Deal With Rough Commute On JFX

Another evening rush hour is underway with one lane closed on the JFX.


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Speed Cameras Shifting Locations In Baltimore County

Police in Baltimore County are shifting the locations of three of the county’s 15 speeding cameras.



Commute Anything But Speedy As Grand Prix Begins

Get ready for gridlock. If you’re planning to be anywhere near downtown Baltimore Friday or at all this weekend, you’ve got a big headache waiting for you.


Bluebird Electric land speed record car, 1998

U.K. Team to Attempt Electric Car Land Speed Record in 2013

Pendine Sands, a 7-mile long beach on the south coast of Wales went down in history in 1924 when a journalist and motor racer by the name of Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed […]


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Howard County Council Approves School Zone Cameras

The Howard County Council has voted to allow speed cameras in school zones.



ATV Rider In Critical Condition After Crash

Authorities say a 23-year-old man is in critical condition at a hospital in Baltimore after crashing an all-terrain vehicle near Mount Airy.